Think Smarkt

Our idea was bud from the realisation that the modern day shopping experience has tremendous challenges and pressures that need to be sorted out. We at smarkt, unlike other supermarkets and grocery shops, focus on bridging that gap in technology at the retail segment by initiating the 'phygital' revolution in India. Smarkt is focused on delivering modern shopping experiences to local supermarkets with the help of futuristic and cutting edge technology.


Our Vision

In the near future, customers will no longer tolerate queues, would expect seamless transactions, and a personalised shopping experience at brick and mortar retail stores. We strive to be the pioneer in the automation processes of this industry and develop a culture, where customer experience takes the front seat. We are reimagining the way retail works in India.

Meet the team that turned a simple idea into a game-changing product.

We are a team of high impact tech enthusiasts made up of professionals from varied domains like engineering, technology, research, business operations and financial services. We are also the believers of the 'work hard play hard' philosophy and we aim to push the envelope on enhancing the retail market.

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